About us – BrandFinder

Brandfinder.com was registered as a top level internet domain in 1995.

The trademark Brandfinder was registered with the State of Illinois in 1996.

BrandFinder was a fulfillment service used by packaged good companies to send products to consumers.

BrandFinder was an outsourced service sold to Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) public affairs or consumer services departments.   This was in the days before email or any social media. Consumers wrote paper letters to companies. Companies had departments to respond to these letters. Many companies did not have too free 800 telephone numbers

Can’t find – Product out of stock at a local retailer

A major source of consumer letters were “can’t find” or “want to buy” requests. When consumers looked in their local retailer store and could not find their favorite Brand (in many instances this was a specific SKU) they would write a letter to the company. The larger Brand was available but consumers were looking for a specific size or a specific flavor.

Consumers would write a paper letters and sent these letters via the United States Postal Service.  They would put a stamp on a paper envelope and send it to the consumer affairs department of CPG.

Consumers also called CPGs using landline phones.  In most instances, these calls to 800 numbers on packages went directly to the general consumer affairs department at a packaged good company.  These “can’t find” calls were both a cost center and a minor nuisance for CPG consumer affairs departments.

BrandFinder ran for many years, an an outsourced consumer affair department.