about us

the website domain  http://brandfinder.com was registered as a top level internet domain in 1995.

The trademark Brandfinder was registered with the State of Illinois in 1996.

BrandFinder was a fulfillment service used by packaged good companies to send products directly to consumers.

It was an outsourced service sold to CPG public affairs consumer services departments.   This was in the days before email or any social media.  When consumers could not find their favorite Brand (in many instances this was a specific SKU of a larger brand name. Consumers were looking for a specific size or flavor)

Consumers wrote paper letters and sent them via USPS. They put a stamp on a paper envelope. Consumers called Brandfinder using landline phones. In most instances the calls went directly to the packaged good company.

BrandFinder ran for many years,

Both The trademark and the web domain and the Facebook page are For SALE

data collected was only ever sent to a retail store.

Your personal contact data is only ever used to help you buy hard to find products. Find the products you are looking for.


BrandFinder visitors may leave comments on our site, we collect this data. We capture a visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string to help us with spam detection.

We create an anonymized string from your email address (also called a hash)