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looking for Animal house Fans IP's that might access this page ?

Animal House fans might find this page via a Google Search for Sen John Blutarsky? Senator and Mrs. John Blutarsky of Washington, DC

Does not say Senator from a specific state What state?

Belushi,   “College” sweatshirt, downs a whole bottle of Jack Daniels.

Belushi in real life was dead 4 years after Animal house from cocaine.

Drunk Mrs. Wormer crashes her car in the Delta parking lot and emerges without a scratch, flask in hand.


“taking a few liberties with our female party guests” may mean an 18-year-old freshman, drunk and incapacitated after a party may  be“bent over a pool table "

It sort of "appears"in the movie that a sexual assault is occurring and six or seven people are watching and laughing.

Why do men treat women this way? Not sure this is because movies like Animal House tell them to.

This film is a comedy about standing up to authority.  The Deltas are rebels and free spirits,

they fight authority,by doing something they hope might change the balance of power.

Having sex with an authority figure's woman is viewed as an act of rebellion


Otter sleeps with Babs,  girlfriend of the Omega House president. - to show he is a Wimp

Otter also has sex with Mrs. Wormer - think Mrs Wormser is at fault

Pinto does not "deflower" the mayor’s daughter.  she has been around the block in high school -

In the movie it's all 100% consensual sex,

This is a comedy movie so everyone with a sense of humor thinks all of the sex is okay.